[V8] Quattro musings....

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at adelphia.net
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So, Ingo, what else did you learn about that car?  A leaking power steering
hose probably means that there are some more leaks, as well there should be
at 125,000 miles.  Not a bad thing, but having done the "V8 Leak Dance"
before, I well know what it all can lead to...and although nothing really
diminishes the ultimate value of the car, leaks is leaks and  they need to
ALL be fixed.

Here in Maine, if there are ANY leaks visible from underneath the car, then
the car does not pass inspection until they are fixed.  There are a lot of
places that don't bother to look up under the car, nor put it up on a lift,
but they are supposed to, and the State of Maine is cracking down, and
cracking down harder and harder.

I think I will pass on the New Jersey car.  The miles are a bit hgher than I
really want to deal with, especially since I would have to travel four days
in order to see it.  

One of the things that I have learned over time...and there has been a LOT
of time...is that my mother was right.  She used to tell me when I was very
young, that "there is always another car.".


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Ah, Roger

I was about to post anyway.  That '93 in Jersey has a leaking power steering
hose that's been on order for a week and when I spoke with Jerry Haddad
there yesterday, he said to call back in another week and hopefully they
would have received it and it would be installed by then.  Unfortunately,
mom can't wait that long.  But I suggest you or someone out there take a
look at that car for you then.

I'll be picking up mom's 'new' papyrus V8 next Friday, just in time for
Xmas.  It's not perfect, but certainly better than the other candidates I
had fellow listers examine for me.  Tony Hoffman gave me quite a laugh when
he gave me the rundown of the "rundown papyrus v8" in Las Vegas at "Amigo
Auto" in Vegas.  Oh, God!  That one would have been a complete disaster.
: -)

Best of luck.


Audiconnection has a few Ragusa Greens and one Pearl White, btw.

Unfortunately, mom was very specific as to what colors were acceptible to

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