RE[V8] Lower Emissions

Ed Kellock ekellock at
Fri Dec 16 19:30:40 EST 2005

Me too...  pulling trailer up Raton Pass, 3rd gear, 70 mph, WOT near 5000
rpm, 7.8 mpg showing on Instant MPG reading.

On 12/16/05, dsaad at <dsaad at> wrote:
> That sounds pretty close to what I get.
> I don't get out on the open freeway much with this car, and when I do I
> tend to
> be in hi-speed mode. Around town, if I drive sanely, I get 15 to 17 MPG.
> If I
> slip into meathead mode, I can get down to 12MPG real quick. I am always
> amazed
> at just how much fuel this thing can suck down at WOT.
> Dave

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