[V8] Quattro musings....

Karl Middlebrooks coalblacksmith at gmail.com
Sat Dec 17 22:30:10 EST 2005

> Also, did all 93s come with the headlight wipers? I have seen some w/ 
> and 
> w/o them.  These guys seem to specialize in Audi/VWs but dont know 
> squat 
> about V8s.

You know, that's something I've noticed. I've had mine in at a couple of different Audi specialists depending on where I was living, and I've noticed that even while they'll do good work on the cars, they don't always know a whole lot about the peculiarities of the V8.

On that topic, I have to give my heartfelt thanks to the folks on this list and who take the time to run it. I don't have much skill in working on cars in general, and right now I don't have anything that remotely resembles garage space to work in. 

So, what I've learned just from reading the list, and from folks who've taken the time to respond to questions I've asked has put me in the position of A) knowing what the mechanic is talking about and B) not getting fooled into paying for work I don't need (thankfully, this situation has only come up once, and speaks well to the overall quality and integrity of the Audi mechanics I've been to).

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