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Coleman, David David.Coleman at blackrock.com
Mon Dec 19 14:57:07 EST 2005

Jack -- I replaced my center muffler with one from summitracing.com
(enter part number MPE-14468).  It's stainless steel dual in/out 2.25"
diameter.  Local muffler shop cut out the old and welded in the new.
They did a very clean install, though I think they renewed some of the
stainless piping too.   All mandrel bent.

Looks great, though it's rounder (less oval) than the OE muffler, so
there's a small giveup in ground clearance.  My car's lowered a bit, and
no problems unless I'm careless.  The setup also sounds great (very
close to stock, even w/ the cats gutted).

Total labor:  $100 and a six pack of Corona.

'91 4.2 V8 5 speed

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> Hey all,
> My 91 has blown a hole in the middle muffler..so, any 
> opinions on replacement?
> Does anyone know how much a aftermarket system actually 
> costs? Where to  buy?
> Are there any other systems other than an Scorpion?
> I have a local shop that will bend up a custom one out of 
> aluminized pipe with mandrel bends for around 250.....but not 
> sure of their muffler mix...though  they did a system on my 
> 5000 turbo that sounded only a little raspier, but DID  help 
> with throttle response (lower back pressure I presume).
> Has anyone had experience doing this, and what mufflers did you use? 
> Dual resonators, and a dual inlet/ single outlet/ dual 
> outlet? Inquiring minds want to know.

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