[V8] Re: Newbie that's just buying a V8

Kent McLean kentmclean at mindspring.com
Wed Feb 2 18:24:03 EST 2005

subhendu basu <vaxdesignergc at yahoo.com> wrote:
 > I hope it's just a hose that needs to be changed.

Oh, Ben.  Even if that's all it is, it may still cost you $250,
just for the hose.  Welcome to Audiville.

The leak may be a hose (see above), but you can have a new one
made cheaper (using the old fittings) at a place that deals in
hydraulic hoses, like a truck repair center. They should be
able to make you a new a hose for $50-75.

It might be a seal; check the Audifans archives for "x-plug"
and "o-ring". Or it may be the pump itself; not cheap, but you
should be able to replace it yourself.

Also, at that age and mileage, you really should know if the
timing belt has been changed. It might need it, which may be why
you got such a good deal on the car.  Parts to do it right are
about $800; and another $800 or so for labor.  If the t-belt
breaks, it gets *real* expensive to replace the engine.

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Kent McLean
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