[V8] Newbie that's just buying a V8

subhendu basu vaxdesignergc at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 2 15:44:00 EST 2005

Hi folks
I just bought a 1990V8 on eBay. I am a little nervous about maintenence after going through all the threads in the group. The listing says that there is a slight leak in the power steering system - could that be a sign of a much bigger problem?  how expensive would it be to fix it? I hope it's just a hose that needs to be changed. I am planning on driving the car from Boston to Baltimore in a couple of weeks. The car seems to be in fantastic shape (in pictures) and I have attached a few for you guys. Any ideas suggestions good mechanics in the Baltimore/DC area? Any information would be helpful. I was told that the car runs fine and it only has 87528 miles on it although the true mileage may be 90,000 but no more than that. Is this too good to be true? I am excited to get it but a tad intimidated also. Looking forward to hearing from you folks. Thanks.

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