Fw: [V8] Helicoil application?

Ed Dekker dekkere at fuse.net
Tue Feb 8 12:10:39 EST 2005

Afterthought:  Seems a used pump from a parts car would be a better bet than 
the helicoil.  The ps pumps last a long time as compared with tranies and 

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>>" The threads for the pressure line for the power steering pump >have 
>>stripped, and I was wondering if a helicoil would hold
>>up to the pressure of the system.  It is a pressure line, not a >return 
>>line.  I figure I'll also Loctite it with the permanent stuff.  Oh yeah, 
>>retapping won't work."
>    Sorry I messed up the firstst e-mail.
>    I blew my ps pump in '89 while in St. Louis.  It is extra high 
> pressure, more like aircraft than typical automotive.  At 900 psi or 
> thereabouts.  And the new pump was big bucks  I'm dubious about the 
> helicoil and Locktite approach.  If you do it, try to get all oil residue 
> from the repair area to give the Loctite good grip.  I'd like to hear 
> Keith's, Steve's or other opinions.
> Ed
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