[V8] Reference sensor R/R HELP!

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Fri Feb 11 18:19:22 EST 2005

I did not have fun doing those sensors.

A couple things I had to do

- grind flats on a 10mm socket and inserted tightly into a wrench.
- grind the 10mm socket shorter so the rachet would clear.

- Install the plate with the bolts held in place by some EVA gasket, so the
entire unit could be installed at once.

Getting the bolts in there one at a time was impossible for me.

This is on  a 93 4.2

Paul Jager

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For my short, fat arms and big belly, it was impossible to do from the top
and difficult from underneath when lying on my back with the car on
jackstands.  A hoist would make you much more maneuverable and probably
make the tasks easiest.  I used a 10 mm wrench duct-taped to a longer
wrench to reach in between the exhaust piping to get the heat shield bolts
off and retightened.  It was quite a struggle to get the shield back in
place and a bolt started.  Once I got one going, it was easier to insert
the second.  I got them both finger tight before I applied the wrench.  I
still had to take off the airbox to get the connectors back into their
respective spots in the wiring harness.

At 07:15 PM 2/11/2005 +0000, jpb3wvu at frontiernet.net wrote:
>After searching the AF Archives and looking at the service manual
>I still cannot find a write up on how to remove these sensors.  I
>know I have read in the past on this forum that there is a
>preferred way to do this.  I think someone has mentioned taking
>the DS tire off as well as removethe DS distributor.  Can anyone
>point me in the right direction here?  I would like to do it this
>weekend if possible.  Thanks for any insight.
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