[V8] Dead Cig lighter sockets in '93V8q manual

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 20:03:31 EST 2005

Hey Unka,

Once I replaced the fuse and reenabled the central locking system on
the gf's '90 v8, I was checking all the various locking thingies and
found that the trunk mech just needed some lube.  it's pretty easy to
reach and has worked great ever since.


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> Well, that about sums it up.
> Probably related to the flaky trunk lock which randomly fails to
> when the central locking system is used to lock all doors.
> I reckon (and have been advised) that the wires in the driver's door
> are hiding the culprit, any suggestions for troubleshooting/fixing?
> It's not the fuse, all the other functions using that fuse are
> fine.
> BTW, a tip for anyone with the Audi/bose stereo system.  Mine had
> blown speakers and a head unit that produced great sound through the
> replacement speakers, except for the horrific amplified static
> by touching/turning the on/off/volume knob.
> Had a local electronics repair guy fix the head unit, he's seen/done
> few before and said I was lucky I got it fixed before it blew the
> speakers.  Sounds great now, no problems and great, rich sound
> (unsupported, highly subjective opinion).  YMMV. this tip void where
> prohibited by law, bose prejudice or common sense.
> Bart
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