[V8] Steering Rack leaking

Steve Kramer skramer at mac.com
Tue Feb 22 15:47:39 EST 2005

Fellow Listers,

Alternator issues figured out now on to my hydraulic leak.  I'm having a big 
leak coming off the steering leak and I'm losing pressure at the brakes 
every week after putting in hydraulic fluid.  Last night the brake light 
came on and brake pedal got hard - luckily I wasn't braking.  Then a couple 
of pumps and it returned to normal operation.  I'm also getting a sound when 
rotating the steering wheel back and forth.

I filled the tank today and filled it . No leaks coming off the resevoir - 
so I can only guess that one of the o-rings is letting the fluid through / 
and or the pump is leaking.  With what I've listed, what do you think?


Steve Kramer
1990 v8q


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