[V8] Transmission Flush

daves745t at optonline.net daves745t at optonline.net
Wed Feb 23 16:10:10 EST 2005

Does anybody have a procedure for doing a tranny flush - not just a change, but a flush. I bought a new gasket and tranny filter/strainer and the manual says it holds a total of 10qts but that a change would be about 4 qts. 

Two indy mechanics have balked at doing it, which I'm kind of PO'd about and somewhat confused as to why. Is it a big PITA? Is it really messy?

I've done it on my Volvos and the process is pretty low tech. You basically disengage the hose where the fluid goes into the cooler, start the car, empty a quart or two into a bucket, stop the car, add the same amount of new fluid into the tranny fluid dip-stick opening, then do it all over again until the fluid is running 'clean' or 'clear'.

Can this type of procedure be done on the V8Q? Or can I just take off the whole pan and let it drain overnight to kind achieve the same result? Or should I take it to a transmission place and get ripped off?

BTW - I just got her back after having the timing & serpentine belts, thermostat & gasket replaced at Egenton's in Plainfield, NJ. Great people and what I felt was a very fair price on labor (I supplied all the parts). Really loving the car - only downer was that the power steering pump is leaking, it wasn't just a hose. Crap, but I've already got the replacement.


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