[V8] Rattling 3.6

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Mon Jan 3 11:57:34 EST 2005

I had similar sounds/symptoms and it ended up being the oil pump drive bearing.
You have to pull the timing belt to replace it.
This is the same bearing as the viscous fan bearing that mounts to the right
timing belt cover.


Quoting "Stafford, Kenneth A." <stafford at WPI.EDU>:

> As a sort of New Year's resolution, I'm tackling some of the niggling
> problems of my V8.  Got the "car-be-que" smoke cured by replacing all the
> dizzy seals.  Now on to an annoying rattle.  When the engine is cold it
> idles
> as quiet as can be.  When it is fully warmed up (and idle oil pressure drops
> to about 2 bar) it sounds like a diesel when you open the hood.  Basically
> it's been doing this ever since I did a T-belt replacement 30K ago.  I'm
> thinking it's oil pressure related as opposed to engine temp.  You cannot
> actually hear it from the cockpit.  The engine runs a smooth as silk even
> with the clatter which does attenuate at higher rpms (increased oil
> pressure?).  I know I've heard some discussion about this but can't find the
> definitive answer.  I replaced the idlers and water pump with the TB but did
> not replace any parts in the tensioner.
> TIA,
> Ken
> 91V8Q 215K
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