[V8] Michelin x-ice

Tom La Plante toml99 at comcast.net
Mon Jan 10 00:00:19 EST 2005

Hey, had to throw away the unused set of cooper weathermaster studs that came with my car as they were purchased in 1992 and sat in La jolla in a garage as there wasn't much need for them there, but the owner was a wyoming native and didn't feel comfortable not having a set of snows.  A week after putting them on...got a wobble and a front was delaminating.....hated to throw away "fresh" tires...but they were simply starting to break down.....Got the Michelin x-ice and Bellingham Washington has had a couple of days of solid ice/snow and I took the ultimate test tonight.  I idled up the steepest hill in town~50-60 degree slope(glossy from the kids sledding/tubing) and even if I floored it, it broke loose briefly, but kept going.  Decided to turn around and go down...and it was like dry pavement....Can't imagine a better tire .  Quiet and smooth on the dry. My 4x4 van loaded would have terrified me to go up that. If anyone is thinking about some snow tires....I would highly recommend them..... Enjoy...Tom

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