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Fri Jan 14 13:01:57 EST 2005

Air and oil filters are not available aftermarket AFAIK. You probably want to
use the OEM MANN filters anyway because they are good quality. They are not hard
to get - but you may have to order them.
Tools for an oil change are easy  - nothing exotic required. There is a large
metal "O-ring" gasket on the oil plug that is OEM only. They are not too
expensive but you usually have to order them too.

On the synthetic, I don't know why you would change it so often but if you want
to pay the price, go ahead. In normal driving you have a huge oil reserve and a
big/good filter. Regular dino juice should easily last 5000 to 7000 miles. If
you drive under harsh conditions then the rules change.
The V8 (mine in particular) is a known oil sucker. I burn a quart every 700 to
1000 miles on average. Others report much more "normal" oil consumption.
Your consumption may help you decide which oil to use.

Before you take off on your drive home, find out the timing belt status. You can
remove the right side cover pretty easy to do a visual for a serious problem,
but you can not easily tell how bad the belt is just by looks unless it is
missing chunks. My local wrench says that most of the broken belts he has seen
"look just fine" - except they have snapped.
This also exposes the water pump so you can see if it is leaking.
(you need a 10mm socket to remove the electric fan, and I think a 5mm allen
wrench to remove the cover)


Quoting daves745t at optonline.net:

> It never fails, I always remember something I didn't ask as soon as I hit
> 'send'. If I do buy this V8Q, I'll be driving her home (about 200 miles). The
> mech said she could use an oil change and I was going to do that on the spot
> with dino-oil to 'clean' the engine and then change again when I take it in
> to my indy for a few things.
> Question: What will I need tool wise to change the oil? Socket size, etc.
> Also, is a filter available at Pep Boys or do I need to get it at a shop or
> dealer.
> Thanks again!
> -Dave
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