[V8] Bose Air Raid Siren

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Tue Jan 18 02:46:10 EST 2005

OEM radio was working OK (got it cheap from a fellow Qlister), a couple
buttons stuck but was better than the dead until it replaced.  For those
who might remember this is the V8Q that was slammed into about 3 weeks
ago.  Haven't driven it since the accident until today, had to drive it
down to the appraisal office.  

Turned on the radio and almost got blasted out of the seat, the most
god-awful siren like noise came out of the drivers side speaker.  It's
LOUD, painfully deafening loud.  Radio changes stations etc. but the only
sound emitted is the siren.  I pulled the radio out of the dash,
disconnected it, and even when turned on in "safe" mode, the siren comes
on.  Anyone ever come across this?

A little background...maybe relevant, the locks were frozen, pulled up on
the handle until the drivers lock opened...about half way...but enough to
open the door, as soon as I opened the door the alarm went off.  Ignition
was dead, had to close the door and manually cycle the lock twice to
deactivate the alarm and re-energize ignition.  No problems with alarm
after that, when locking car got the "bleep" and it seems to be working

Audi should have incorporated this into the anti-theft system, I can't
imagine anyone being able to stand staying inside the car if all 4
speakers were emitting this horrid screeching.  Any BTDT or ideas
welcome.  I think I'll pull the radio out of V8Q #1 tomorrow and put in
V8Q#2 to see what happens.  

Just hasn't been a good month for V8Q #2, yesterday got tagged by city
snow plow on the rear bumper and fender flare, while parked.  Will just
suck it up, last time I tried to collect damages from the City, a rotten
tree planted in the sidewalk had toppled onto the 5KS, the City took my
$5 claim submission fee, that was years ago, hours on the phone and about
a ream of correspondence and all I got was the big goose egg.

Thanks and BCNU,

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