[V8] 60,000 mile service

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at downeast.net
Wed Jan 19 07:35:25 EST 2005

Timing belt, OEM water pump, tensioner and rollers, plus serpentine belt and 
every other little rubber gizzie, grommet and thingy that even looks soft.

MAKE sure that the waterpump used is OEM, and not a remanufactured or after 
market part.  True, true, the waterpump itself is probably warrantied, but 
the time and other damage done if a plastic impeller fails six months after 
installation is not.

8-12 hours by a qualified, and knowledgable Audi wrench is to be expected.

Oh, and under the "while we are there" department. At this point, examine 
the hydraulic pump and resevoir for leaks, as well as the all the other 
gaskets that you can find.  I wouldn't be surprised if teh hydraulic pum p 
and resevoir are at least weapy, and if they are, by the time you do another 
timing belt, you WILL have had to go in there to replace one or the other or 
both.  Do it now, or repent later.


(Been there!  Done THAT!). 

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