[V8] Timing Belt Change, Parts Costs and Friction Pad info

daves745t at optonline.net daves745t at optonline.net
Wed Jan 19 15:57:04 EST 2005

The friction pad seems to be in relatively short supply. No internet provider I searched had it and unless you have the part number, the dealers don't know what the h*ll you're talking about. But according to the guys at audiconnection it is vital that it be changed. Unfortunately they had none in stock and further told me that he has trouble keeping them in stock. So it seems like the dealer may get a few of your $$s on this one - I'm paying about $30 (which isn't much above the $27.50 audiconnection wanted).

For everything else I'm likely going with Northside Imports, they are working up a price for me that will include everything listed on the audiconnection site as the 60000 mile service (minus the friction pad) plus the serpentine belt, serpentine belt rollers and the thermostat w/gasket.  

I'll pass on the price I'm quoted for the package if folks are interested.


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