[V8] Timing Belt Change Parts list and a Question

DieMarthaDie at aol.com DieMarthaDie at aol.com
Fri Jan 21 12:58:47 EST 2005

"... the only thing I may have oversimplified was the removal of the oil
cooler lines for the tranny ... it took a good bit of cautious grunting
to get them to pop out of the rad ... and be advised that when you are
removing the bolts that attach the core support to the "frame rails" it
will detach the engine oil cooler as well ..."

Agreed Steve!  I soaked them in penetrating spray the night before trying to break them loose.  I would suggest that for any car that's spent time in the Northeast, Land Of Salt.

Also, be careful with the waterpump screws... one of mine sheered off in removal (leverage is a dangerous thing).  Again, a good soak with penetrating oil the night before MAY have helped there.



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