[V8] Brake Pads

Kent McLean kentmclean at mindspring.com
Tue Jan 25 11:09:02 EST 2005

"Jeremy Ward" <jward at mti-interactive.com> wrote:
 > Could someone explain to me how the sensors work on our brakes?

My understanding is that there is a continuous circuit
(wire) that goes from brake pad to brake pad. The sensor
is just a piece of metal buried in the pad that is part
of the circuit. When the pads wear, it erodes the metal
within the pad, opening the circuit and setting off the
warning light.

Unfortunately, any break in the circuit trips the warning
light, so a badly corroded connection to the brake pad
wires can trip it, or a broken wire anywhere in the

The band-aid fix is to find which wire on the left front
(driver's side) provides 12 volts to the circuit, then
jump that to ground. This completes the circuit and shuts
off the warning light, but it also disables a true worn
brake pad warning.  The correct fix is to a) confirm the
brake pads are not worn, and b) clean and fix any broken
or corroded connections or wires in the circuit.

Or you could also disabled the warning light on the dash
by covering it with black electrical tape. :)

Kent McLean
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