[V8] Headlight Bulbs/Relays

Korn, Bob Bob.Korn at Fike.com
Fri Jan 28 14:33:44 EST 2005

I've been running High Wattage bulbs, 100W low and 130W High, If I
remember, with the relay harness, (definitely required), and the light
output is fantastic.  Still have the US lenses so the adjustability is
Definitely need the relay harness.

I drive with my lights on at least 50% of the time, it's always dark on
my 35 mile commute to work each morning, and in the winter it's dark
when I leave.  I've been buying my high output bulbs from JC Whitney and
have been getting around 12-14 months of heavy use and very good

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... great story Dave, got me chuckling pretty good ... between this and
the squid adjusters the list has been doing a good job of keeping the
spirits up here of late ... 

Personally, I'm going for the Silver Star bulbs when I have a chance.
Bill Bennett on the urq list really heaps praise on his HID conversion
... perhaps that's an option ... but from what I see, the light
temperature from the Silver Stars is about the same as that for the
HIDs, so it isn't clear that the HIDs would provide that much, given
that you're keeping the same buckets ... 

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)
> an X through it popped up on the auto-check. For a brief moment I
thought I
> accidentally fired a "sports car wannabe seeking missile" at the poor
> It turned out that only a headlight had burned out.
> So - I need some new low-beam bulbs. Are there any after market bulbs
> actually improve lighting without melting the system - or do I just go
back to
> stock HB4 bulbs??
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