[V8] silverstar vs. HID

Daniel O'Dell daniel_o_dell at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 28 17:43:59 EST 2005

Well, having both, I'll shed some light:)

In the V8, the silverstars are more than decent, a little more
blue/white, and seem to throw more light than the stock setup.  I was
using a PIAA "hid style" halogen for about 2 years, before one went, so
I replaced with the silverstars. I've been pretty happy, also since my
car is canadian spec, the low beams are on all the time anyways. I also
upgraded the fog lamps to a higher (60w?) PIAA yellow dichromatic buld,
and have been very pleased.

However compared to the A6 with its 6000k violet/blueish HID's the
silverstars, or any bulb you put in a non-euro v8 look like cr at p.

if anybody is wanting to do an HID conversion, I have one ballast left
from my motorcycle experiment (HID on a bike is a very, very good thing
in Seattle) I obviosly only needed one ballast to do that, but had two
lying around...


91 V8QM
01 A6 4.2
98 Buell Lightning

(the three vehicles discussed above)

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