[V8] sunroof problems

John Bysinger john at bysinger.net
Fri Jul 1 00:45:27 EDT 2005

I'm planning on digging into the drivers door rewire project on ours this
weekend as well (both passenger windows have gotten so flaky that I've
disconnected the switches in the armrests so I don't get in a situation with
a stuck down window.  My question is this, how far into the car should I go,
and how far into the door?  I'm tempted to go right from the switch all the
way as far in as I can, but don't want to bite off more than I can chew at
the same time.  Also would it be worth it at all to consider doing the same
to the other doors, or is that so seldom the issue that it's not worth it?

I'm also going to be installing a relay for the switched power for the
stereo to eliminate my 80mph cuttoff 'feature' at the same time. :)

Oh, almost forgot...  has anyone else ever had the power seats decide it was
time to change position out of the blue?  Sitting at a stop sign today I got
introduced to the seats and tray tables in the upright and locked position.
It also seemed to lose it's memory, but accepted a new save when I got it
all back to normal.  I'm going to assume this is tied into the door wiring
just like everything else, and hope that rewiring all that will keep this
from happening again.

'90 v8q

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When I replaced ALL the wiring except the speaker wires in my 200q20v
driver doorjamb, I found a couple broken off wires, several with insulation
and some of the wires breaking and almost all with signs of the insulation
starting to break down.  I tried someone's neat approach of using  AMP
connectors on both ends, but I couldn't get the pins and receivers to all
line up perfectly while trying to put the connectors together.  I even used
an AMP crimper to make the connections, but they just wouldn't stay lined
up in the connectors for me.  So I ended up using all the wires I'd used to
make the harness and just hooked 'em all up one by one.  Next time, I'll
have a bunch of wires cut (there are three sizes of wire in that area, by
the way, and just clip/pull one, install the new and so on.  One at a time.
 It'll be a project, but not as bad as some wiring on these cars.

At 09:39 PM 6/30/2005 +0000, justin.bowers at comcast.net wrote:
>Thanks for the response Kneale.
>I'm assuming it wouldn't be as simple as looking at the wiring (the break
>likely within the sheath I'm guessing).  So essentially it will require
>I replace the all the wiring between the inside of the drivers door and the
>> Wiring in the driver doorjamb.  Believe it or not, the sunroof electrics
>> share something with the wiring to the window switches in the driver
>> armrest, so when the driver doorjamb wiring starts to break down, the
>> sunroof doesn't want to operate either.  On my 200q20v, when that was
>> happening, I sometimes could get the sunroof and windows to operate if I
>> opened the driver door partway.
>> At 08:32 PM 6/30/2005 +0000, justin.bowers at comcast.net wrote:
>> >Hi all,
>> >
>> >My sunroof has become very tempramental and I thought one of you might
>> >the fix.
>> >
>> >Essentially it works "occasionally", and just because it open's on those
>> >rare occasions, it doesn't necessarily mean that it will close.
>> >
>> >So far, I have replaced the switch, and I've tried a different motor and
>> >relay, with no improvement.
>> >
>> >Any thoughts on what it might be and the remedy?
>> >
>> >Thanks in advance,
>> >
>> >Justin

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