[V8] RPM Sensor / Ignitition Timing Sensor + O2 Sensor?

Torrence Thomas (Mobile Office) tethomas at onlineaccesscards.com
Sun Jul 3 09:01:30 EDT 2005

Did I see an O2 sensor in that photo? Please verify. Geez. Now I've got to 
replace that one too? Didn't even know it was there.

> - Here is a
>view from the bottom of the connectors. My camera was able to squeeze in
>there (unlike my big head), but I unfortunately don't remember any reference
>points to give you. Tip: The connector spring-clips used on German cars
>don't have to be removed to unplug the connector - just squeeze the spring
>into the body of the connector and pull the plug loose. You probably already
>know that, but I figured this out on my own after several months of
>ownership ;-)

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