[V8] RE: Hydraulics & Overheating

Campozano, Robert RCAMPOZANO at mgmmirage.net
Mon Jul 4 10:49:14 EDT 2005

Thanks for the quick reply.  My fusible link is good.  I replaced that
last year and my auxiliary fan spins just fine.  The car overheats
regardless of AC being on or not.  I drove home yesterday in 106 F and
windows rolled down and car on Hi heat...I was pretty toasty by the time
I got home.  My temperature gauge still went up to 100 on the highway
and between 100 and 120 at a stop or light.  I am thinking at this point
I have either a bad thermostat or a bad clutch on the fan but being that
the water/antifreeze bubbles over and spews out of the expansion tank,
I'm thinking thermostat.  How hot can these cars get before you start
seeing problems with the engine?  Anyway, any help and advice is
appreciated.  I will not be driving the car this week and hopefully with
the help of Tony get the car back on the road by Friday.  Fingers
Zay Campozano | Computer Engineer | MGM MIRAGE(tm)
rcampozano at MGMMirage.net

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To: Campozano, Robert
Subject: Re: Hydraulics & Overheating
there's just been a discussion in the last weeks about this - check the
fusible link in the black box for the fan - that was bad on Ben's new V8
here in baltimore...

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