[V8] Hot start question

David Lyddall david at styletrack401k.com
Sat Jul 9 18:41:37 EDT 2005

I've had a problem with my V8 for the last 6 years and having recently

another and finding it does the same thing, thought someone else might have 

experienced this and know the fix:


When the car is warm (has been driven then parked for a while) it will start

die straight away.  When you try again it will fire up and die again, but if
you try 

holding the key (i.e keep the starter spinning) it will start, die, then
catch again 

and keep running.  Not great for the starter, but it works.  Has anyone
experienced this?


On a separate note, I've got a really noisy compressor on my wifes A6.  The
compressor itself is fine (I just put a new one on and it is noisy and puts
a heavy load on the motor).  It cools just fine, but seems like its working
harder than it should.  The system was flushed, the accumulator replaced, it
has enough oil in it.  I don't think the condenser is plugged but can't be
really sure.




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