[V8] Timing belt question

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Mon Jul 11 13:51:24 EDT 2005

Sounds like the orientation of the Friction Block and the thick laminated
metal "Fork" piece is off (backwards.)  Invert the fork piece and
friction block and it should be alright.

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"Dustin Carter" <dustin.carter at lycos.com> writes:

> I've been working on changing my timing belt and have a problem.  
> The harmonic damper pulley is rubbing on the arm that connects the 
> tensioner pulley to that shock absorber.  I took that whole assembly
> apart and reinstalled it...same problem.  The only options I see to
> this
> are 1)grind down the face of that arm, or 2)put a spacer between 
> the
> crank end and the harmonic damper.  Option 2 seems like it could 
> cause the
> TB to ride too far forward on the sprockets and up against that lib 
> on the
> rear of the crank sprocket.  Has anyone else run into this 
> situation?  Any
> ideas of how I can fix this?

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