[V8] Re: Cheap tires

J123fs at aol.com J123fs at aol.com
Tue Jul 12 09:56:45 EDT 2005

Hey guys,
I just replaced my old pothole dented wheels with a set new of TSW's with 
Hancook HR-2's.......and have a few observations: That the Hancook's are  
awesome. They ride 50% better (more comfortable), bet that is because they are  
HR rated and not ZR like the Michelins and the sidewalls may not be as  
stiff...... They certainly corner better than the rock hard Michelins ,  though they 
are 255's not 235's like the previous set (they have a tread wear of  390).
They cost 75 bucks! 
No rubbing in 255/40/17's 
I replaced a set of RH wheels that had Michelin Pilot Sport AS's
Weighted the old and new wheels.
RH AMG replicas 17 x 8 et 35 with 235/45/17 Michelins 75-50% worn  weight 46 
lbs per whl.
TSW Kalayma et 35 17 x 8 255/40/17 Hancook HR-2 44 lbs per whl.
So I'm happy shedding two pounds per wheel. And pretty happy with the cheap  
rubber...though we will see when the snow flies how good the Hancook's really  

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