[V8] Re: Cheap tires/ F1 debacle

J123fs at aol.com J123fs at aol.com
Mon Jul 18 21:52:20 EDT 2005

I too certainly would not buy Michelins after the mess at the US GP. 
I really can't see why or how the guy who runs their F1 program still has  
As a rabid F1 fan who has tried very hard over the years with only moderate  
success to turn people on to F1 this is one of the things some of my  
non-believer friends have already thrown back at me. Truly sad.
As far as Hankooks being the spec Miata tire, they also have some tires  that 
are very successful in Street Touring/ Street Mod. I always try to buy  tires 
that support the racing I love so much, and as a SCCA racer I had no  issues 
overcoming my fear of cheap tires (Hankooks), as the have a good rep  with all 
the guys that use them.
Hankooks have been on the spec miata champion car last three years  (spec 
miatas still have tire option with toyos too). I just saw the hankooks at  
pepboys yesterday, but they were displayed next to the khumo exctas, which are  also 
good performers. One of these or the sumitomo will be my next set of  255s.  
I'm loving the benefit of the non-spec negative camber gained from  the 
koni/h&r setup, so my plan is to replace two tires every year and  affordability 
will be important... Plus, I'll be avoiding Michelins like a rabid  squirrel 
after that USG debacle!


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