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Hi Allen,

I just replaced the radiator and thermostat.  Although my car is running a bit cooler it still goes over 100 and easily reaches 110C and a little more when the AC is on while the car is idle.  When the car is being driven the temperature stays around 100/105C.  Now temperatures here in Vegas have been at 105-115F average but the car should still not get that hot.

I appreciate your e-mail about the relays.  Do the relays control the speed of the fan and function of the fan clutch?  Now, when you say the fan should cycle through 1st 2nd and 3rd speeds, are you talking about the main fan with the fan clutch?  If it cycles through the 3 speeds, does that mean the sensor is bad or if it does *not* cycle through the 3 speeds?  Pardon my ignorance on this.  I just really need to know.  I need to get this fixed and desperately need some detailed answers.   I tried looking through the archives yesterday but did not find anything.  How can I know it is the Viscous fan clutch?

I know the head gasket may also be a concern but there is no oil in the coolant or vice versa and do not see grey smoke coming out of the tail pipe.  Also, the engine is running strong.  Could a bad catalytic also be the culprit?

Answers are appreciated for this desperate man.

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Robert, I just went through my v8 trying to fix this problem. Your fan 
clutch may or may not be bad, your car still shouldnt be hitting those 
temps. you need to verify that first all three speed relays are working. 
According to the v8 manual, the high speed function of the fan should be on 
@ 107c and off at 103c, the med speed should come on at 100c and go off @ 
98c. low speed should come on at 97c and go off at 95c. the thermo switch 
for the fan is located on the radiator. the one for the temp gauge is on the 
left side head. to first eliminate any wireing or relay isues, place a 100 
ohm resister( radio shack sells these for around $2 for a will 
need two) place the resister between the two contacts on the harness end of 
both coolan temp sensors( sensors should not be pluged int during this test) 
turn ignition on. fan should cicle through 1st 2nd and third speeds. If this 
works, youve norrowwed in down to your sensors (approx $40 each). If  one of 
the sensors are bad, replace both(its hard to tell wich one is not acurate) 
Try this first and let me know how you make out. Allan
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Thanks for the quick reply.  My fusible link is good.  I replaced that
last year and my auxiliary fan spins just fine.  The car overheats
regardless of AC being on or not.  I drove home yesterday in 106 F and
windows rolled down and car on Hi heat...I was pretty toasty by the time
I got home.  My temperature gauge still went up to 100 on the highway
and between 100 and 120 at a stop or light.  I am thinking at this point
I have either a bad thermostat or a bad clutch on the fan but being that
the water/antifreeze bubbles over and spews out of the expansion tank,
I'm thinking thermostat.  How hot can these cars get before you start
seeing problems with the engine?  Anyway, any help and advice is
appreciated.  I will not be driving the car this week and hopefully with
the help of Tony get the car back on the road by Friday.  Fingers

Zay Campozano | Computer Engineer | MGM MIRAGE(tm)
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there's just been a discussion in the last weeks about this - check the
fusible link in the black box for the fan - that was bad on Ben's new V8
here in baltimore...

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