[V8] A8 advice sought

diemarthadie at aol.com diemarthadie at aol.com
Wed Jul 20 13:14:04 EDT 2005

So... I have a chance to bid (as one of very few bidders) on our old President's car.  It's a 1998 A8 in EXCELLENT condition, 99% dealer serviced, 53,000 miles.  It has a broken front air dam (apparently he hit them on the parking barriers a lot...) but is otherwise flawless AFAIK.  Oh and it's that Ming Blue that I really like with a tan interior.
Its been a part of our company fleet and I know the transportation manager well.  He's advised me that its only got a few interested people (it is up for bid until Aug 3 - sealed bid) and I would probably be the only serious bidder so far...
It looks like I could get it for about $16k (minimum bid is $14,900).  
Or I could just go buy a new (non-Audi) car for that...
He's trying to help me decide, so I'll get to take it home for a day or two next week.
I know everyone says the A8 isn't as firm as the V8, but it does have 80,000 fewer miles than my V8 and doesn't need anything YET.  It's had the ABS brain, oil cooler rings and bracket, and battery replaced, but otherwise is basically just 3.5k oil changes and standard service interval work.  They bought it used with 12,000 miles on it (and, curiously, an S8 badge on the trunk) and dealer history.
So... am I a fool... for this thought, I mean ;)
I know the S8 didn't appear here until 2000, and the President didn't do any mods to the car, so I assume it was a vanity move by the original owner to put an S8 badge on it and that it has no motor or suspension mods.
Why am I asking you all about this?  Blame it on Roger.  He got so much therapy from putting his next car musings on here that I think it will help me too ;)
My V8 will need some things still - did the TBelt, VC Gaskets, Starter in the last 1000 miles - but its in decent shape.  I'm buying a parts car that will supply the replacements for the rusty fenders and still yet more spares to fill the garage...
I could sell the V8, along with the current MASSIVE spares collection (auto tranny, AC comp, hydraulic pump, bomb, rack, hoses, glass, switches, etc...) or keep it and drive myself more batty fixing it when I can (my HOA won't let me fix it in the driveway so I have to go off-site when I do real work on it - PITA)...
Help me Obi-wan!
90 V8Q 

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