[V8] Too hot for A/C to operate?

Speakoutprod at aol.com Speakoutprod at aol.com
Thu Jul 21 10:51:45 EDT 2005

Hell has made a stop in Colorado.  Records are being broken.  And I've 
discovered that my A/C won't cool when it get this hot.  

Is there some sort of sensor that disables the compressor if it gets too hot? 
 The fan works OK, but just blows hot air.  Methinks that even at 101 or 102 
degrees outside temp, the damn thing should work.  

When it drops down to the mid to low 90's, it works as usual.  This has never 
happened before.  Any thoughts?

(BTW, there's an upside:  when this happens, you can use the V8 as a 
convection oven to heat your lunch.)


Brad Hartman
90 V8

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