[V8] Fw: Air Conditioning Drain

Miller, Chris chris.miller at infofoundry.com
Fri Jul 22 14:37:28 EDT 2005

 Usually if you look behind the front wheel on the passenger's side, at
the bottom of the firewall there is a "pinched" rubber hose that leads
down from the A/C plenum.  Pinch the rubber end and you'll see water
drip out; if it is plugged, often it is right at this point.

Be careful pushing things up and into the hose as it leads up under the
evaporator.  You don't want to damage that.

Also clean out around the air box under the plenum cover (between the
passenger compartment and engine compartment firewalls) as you likely
have a lot of leaves and debris in that area.


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I'm running into a problem where every once in a while my '94 cabriolet
will dump a cup or so of cold water on my feet and then blow mist out of
the vents. 

I'm assuming it's the drain for the air-conditioning system. How do I
unplug it? 
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