[V8] New set of Speedline wheels

Jeremy Ward jward.v8 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 11:40:42 EDT 2005

Well, I owe a huge thank you to Daniel O'Dell who met me early on Saturday 
morning to swap some parts before his car went to the salvage yard. I was 
very glad to be given a chance to buy his beautiful Speedline wheels, and 
sent my 15" Areo wheels to the junk yard instead.
 If you have never seen these wheels before, that's because they are very 
rare. They were only offered one year (2000) as an OEM option for the 
semi-rare 4.2 A6. They are Italian made, forged, P/N 4B3 601 025A, Center 
Cap P/N 4B3 601 165A, and 8x17 ET35; the same stats as the Bolero wheels, 
which were a European option for the V8. I haven't weighed them yet, but I 
can't imagine they are any heavier than those porky Avus 17" I had on there 
previously. :-)
 And of course, here are the pics:
 I really like the looks of these, and am very pleased that they are 8" wide 
vs. the old 7.5" wide wheels. They are also the correct offset for the car 
and don't require a spacer like the Avus wheels did, however I am thinking 
about putting a small spacer to bling them out a little bit after I get my 
finances in order ;-)
 I will add them up to the wheels section of my webpage soon. Let me know if 
you would like to add your wheels to this page as well and I can do it at 
the same time. ;-)
 - Jeremy

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