[V8] OOOps...YES! Gentleman's Express not misbehavin' now!

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> THIS is wonderful and interesting news as I am faced with replacing my
> sensors and looked for the 5ktq ones online but did not find them
> readily or any cheaper than the V8 sensors.  Have you purchased them
> recently?  From where?  How much did you pay?
> Thanks,
> Ed

>> In addition to all of this, if you use the sensors from a 5000 TQ,
> the cords
>> are about 3 times as long, and allow you to remount the connections
> above
>> the drivers side distributor. BTDT, too easy to swap back and forth
> now!!
>> While in ther, I also move the O2 plug up with the others.
>> Tony Hoffman

We got them from Bimmerzone.com They were $112 at the time. They have gone 
up, must have caught on. Anyhow, if you replace both of them, along with 
adding the 4-wire O2 per Keith, you have plenty of cord to relocate the 
bracket. I don't have pics of this, but we moved the bracket up by the 
drivers side coil. It just unbolts from the block.

Here is the 5000 sensor, note the length of the cord.

Here is the V8 sensor for comparison.

Tony Hoffman 

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