[V8] OOOps...YES! Gentleman's Express not misbehavin' now!

Unka Bart gatorojo at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 28 10:25:06 EDT 2005

>> THIS is wonderful and interesting news as I am faced with replacing my
>> sensors and looked for the 5ktq ones online but did not find them
>> readily or any cheaper than the V8 sensors.  Have you purchased them
>> recently?  From where?  How much did you pay?

>>> In addition to all of this, if you use the sensors from a 5000 TQ,
>> the cords
>>> are about 3 times as long, and allow you to remount the connections
>> above
>>> the drivers side distributor. BTDT, too easy to swap back and forth
>> now!!
>>> While in ther, I also move the O2 plug up with the others.
>>> Tony Hoffman
> We got them from Bimmerzone.com They were $112 at the time. They have 
> gone up, must have caught on. Anyhow, if you replace both of them, 
> along with adding the 4-wire O2 per Keith, you have plenty of cord to 
> relocate the bracket. I don't have pics of this, but we moved the 
> bracket up by the drivers side coil. It just unbolts from the block.

I got the same (5K) sensors from Bruce at Audiconnection 
(sales at audiconnection.com) for the same price, +/- a few cents.  Sure 
would appreciate more info re relocating the (for lack of a more 
correct term,) plug bracket.  I can't even see the bleedin' thing.

Is the O2 sensor plug on the same bracket?


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