[V8] New Rims and Tires & 1 Obscure Question

Campozano, Robert RCAMPOZANO at mgmmirage.net
Thu Jul 28 14:03:46 EDT 2005

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when my 16" Borbet Type R's arrived
with Bridgestone Potenza RE950's (bought off Ebay) that supposedly came
off of a 2000 A6.  I thought I would need 10mm spacers since I thought
the A6 had a 45mm offset.  The rims are a 35mm offset!  Anyway, cleaned
them up and installed...they look fantastic.  I will be sending Jeremy
Ward pictures to add to his wheel database.  My shimmy from having a
bent rim is gone and having semi new tires on the car for a change is a
good feeling.  I drove last night for over an hour just to enjoy the
ride and new feel.  You forget how nice these cars can be, especially
after having 2 borrowed 14" rims with decent tires on the front and 2
15" stock rim with fairly bald tires on the back.  I am still grinning.
Now to the obscure question:  Last night I felt the AC was starting to
blow warmer air.  I looked down at the climate control and the little
red light that turns on when you check the outside temperature was
blinking...turned off climate control, turned back on and this went away
and AC started blowing cold again.  It did it one more time last night
and did not do it this morning...any thoughts on what that could have
Finally, power steering hoses should be back from Spokane by tomorrow.
Thanks again John (diemarthadie).  Wow, it will be nice to drive the car
without the shimmy *and* without having to fill the power steering
reservoir once a week and a fixed cluster.
This list is truly the best.
Zay Campozano | Computer Engineer | MGM MIRAGE(tm)
rcampozano at MGMMirage.net
1990 V8 Quattro 3.6L Auto

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