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Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 15:35:49 EDT 2005

I had an outing in my V8 this weekend also.  Pulled a couple of jet
skis 2 hours out to the lake and back.  Had no trouble keeping up with
the Dodge Ram (yep it's gotta Hemi) pulling the Glastron.  I had to
work the 5spd pretty good on the way back up from Pueblo, but that's
part of the fun.  Last year I pulled the big pop-up camper down there
and it managed the load just fine.  Of course I couldn't see around it
to the rear and had no lights, but by staying in the middle of the
caravan and relying on those behind me to pull out for lane changes,
we made it without incident.  The lights and mirrors deal is why I
didn't pull it again this year.  I got some digital pix of it with jet
skis attached.  I'll post one on the registry tonight.  Turned over
139k just as I arrived at the lake.


On 5/24/05, John Bysinger <john at bysinger.net> wrote:
> I just got back from our v8's first real long trip with us and thought I'd
> share a little of the drive.
> My fiancee and I needed to make a run from the Seattle area up to Sandpoint
> Idaho this weekend for some family needs, and it sounded like a wonderful
> opportunity to see how the v8 does on a nice long trip.  The trip consisted
> of about 300 miles of I-90 and 45 miles or so of US-95 in Idaho, and what an
> enjoyable trip it was.  I was somewhat hesitant to take her that far just
> for one night and come home, as I'm still working out some of the
> used-car-bugs (typical power windows, climate control, recently fixed power
> steering leak, blown fusable link for the 2nd electric radiator fan.)  But
> the only even whimper I got from her was watching the temp gauge rise about
> 10* C on the hill climbs over the various passes, never once going above
> 75*.  Speaking of mountain passes, I can honestly say that this is the first
> vehicle I've owned that didn't even shudder slightly on all of those hill
> climbs.  Over the top of snoqualmie pass she didn't even downshift as I
> cruised by at 75-80, I don't even think I noticed the torque converter
> lockup unlock.
> Then there's the gas mileage, she mostly sees around town driving with about
> 18 mpg, and at cruise we were getting about 22 (on a '90 3.6) not too shabby
> for 80+ most of the way with some playing with the throttle along the way.
> I was also very impressed with the range, I was expecting to gas up sometime
> around hitting Spokane, but we got to about 5 miles out of Sandpoint and
> were just nudging the "E" on the idiot gauge for miles left and thought we'd
> stop at a conoco off of us-95.  As soon as I fill up the tank and go to pay,
> up rolls another v8!  So of course we talk to the guy very briefly, it's
> another '90, that dark smoke grey color in pretty nice shape.  Nice guy, I
> thought about mentioning the list but my fiancee was anxious to get to the
> hotel so we parted ways (maybe he's already on here?  Anyone from around
> Sandpoint, ID??
> Oh and of course the v8 ate a couple of snacks along the way too, one in
> particular a Saab 9-6 didn't like me moving into the passing lane on I-90 to
> move around him and sped up to pace me as I accelerated.  It sure was fun to
> tease him to about 85, then switch it to manual, drop it to 3rd and leave
> him on the horizon as I rolled over the century mark.  Ahhh, what a nice
> drive.
> Back to the morning grind tomorrow and rush hour...
> -John
> '90v8
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