[V8] interesting discovery

Charles Wurts cwurts12 at mindspring.com
Fri Jun 3 22:02:02 EDT 2005

Sounds like some fun revelations.

The cluster on my car was replaced at about 34k.  It has a sticker on 
the drivers door frame, near the latch.  In my case, the new cluster 
was installed with "0" on it.   FWIW.  All records from the dealer from 
that date forward are recorded with the gauge reading, not a 
calculation close to the actual miles.  I have all the records.

On Jun 3, 2005, at 3:29 PM, diemarthadie at aol.com wrote:

> So, I got my nice new OEM emergency kit from Dave and I opened up the 
> spot where it goes in the back armrest - something I am SURE I've done 
> before... and low and behold I find the original owners manual, 
> service history, and (most cool to me) the nice leather wallet that 
> says Audi V8 on it :)
> So now I know that the car was NOT sold by Audi of Brookline but by 
> Rietzl Audi of Norwell, MA.  The car was sold July 31,1990 and they 
> replaced the odometer November 12, 1991 with 22,554 miles on it.  I 
> didn't know that - didn't find any indicator on the car and the PO 
> didn't mention it...  So does anyone know if the standard policy on a 
> replacement odo is to roll the numbers to match or leave it at zero?  
> If it stays at zero my car had its first Tbelt done at 83,000 miles!  
> and I just did the second one at 140,000 not 120,000...
> The car has dealer stamps for Rietzl up through the 37,000 mile oil 
> change in August of 1992 but I don't know anything after that.  I had 
> some paperwork from the PO that I think was the only other 'real' 
> owner(I bought it from a wholesaler who bought it from another 
> wholesaler) - they lived in Brookline so I assumed they serviced it 
> there.  Doing a serious cleaning of the car recently I found a pen 
> wedged in the seat frame that informed me that the PO was a lawyer in 
> Brookline... how else could he afford either the car or Brookline? ;)
> So... I'm finding bits to tease me into a history of the car.  Kinda 
> fun - except when you find it has 22,000 more miles than you thought 
> :(   I think I'll see if Rietzl has any service history that they can 
> share.  Anyone have any experience with them?
> until next episode...
> John
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