[V8] Whats the Next "V8"

Gene Caldwell gene.ghc at verizon.net
Sat Jun 4 01:17:54 EDT 2005

That's a tough question.  As has been mentioned by others, I had thought 
an A8 would be the answer.  But after looking through some of the online 
A8 discussion forums I am getting the impression that many used A8s have 
lurking transmission problems.  I get the impression that Audi's 
"lifetime" transmission fluid policy is a major contributor. 

Closer to home, a coworker recently bought a '98 A8 with about 70K 
miles.  Now, about 6 weeks later, he is experiencing a transmission 
issue.  The estimates to fix it are a little daunting, to say the 
least.  They range from $2K-$5K.  The coworker loves the car, but wants 
me to buy it from him.

The A6 4.2 is still a little rich for my budget.

Now I am reconsidering rebushing my V8 suspension and a couple other 
improvements.   And yet another transmission fluid change.

-Gene Caldwell
'90 V8

Jason Carey wrote:

>What is another (slightly newer) vehicle that has similar 
>performance and price qualities to the V8 models?  
>I have loved my 90 V8 for the past 4 years and 60K miles. 
>Safe and stable on the snowy highways of Colorado and luxury 
>I could not otherwise afford. However, it is my only vehicle 
>and I fear at 150K it needs more and more attention and I 
>have less and less time to shower on it.  
>What is the next "find" as good as the V8?
>Jason Carey
>PO Box 0981
>Grand Junction, CO

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