[V8] Whats the Next "V8"

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Sat Jun 4 12:47:09 EDT 2005

I just replaced my faithful old 90 V8 with a 2000 A8L.  You're right about
them not being the same, but the goodies on the A8L, the highway ride, and
the super comfort of this very peppy cruiser are wonderful.  I have no
regrets.  Many complained about the V8 auto tranni, too, but mine was
functioning perfectly at 267k miles never having been opened.  I just did
the 4 quart drain-fill periodically.

Roland Broberg
Broberg Engineering-BECO
Delafield. Wisconsin USA
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> I think you're right on the A8 transmission--apparently, Audi used a
> nonrobust torque converter which sees premature failure.   The good news
> that there are a couple spots around the country that sell rebuilt trannys
> for under $3000.  Yes, $4,000 for a new (upgraded) tranny is a lot, but
> frailty of the transmission is built into the re-sale price.  You can get
> 2000-01 for under $20k now with pretty low mileage.  In fact, I got my
> A8L with 50k on it in pristine condition for just over $20k.  I figure
> even if I have to replace the tranny within a few years, it's worth it.
> is a lot of car for the money.
> That said, it's still not the V8.  More of a cruiser, especially compared
> my 5spd with sport seats.  But, all of these cars can be upgraded with
> stiffer shocks, etc.   I'll tell you, it's pretty nice to have a car where
> everything works.
> Just my $.02
> Bill g.
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> >That's a tough question.  As has been mentioned by others, I had thought
> >A8 would be the answer.  But after looking through some of the online A8
> >discussion forums I am getting the impression that many used A8s have
> >lurking transmission problems.  I get the impression that Audi's
> >transmission fluid policy is a major contributor.
> >
> >Closer to home, a coworker recently bought a '98 A8 with about 70K miles.
> >Now, about 6 weeks later, he is experiencing a transmission issue.  The
> >estimates to fix it are a little daunting, to say the least.  They range
> >from $2K-$5K.  The coworker loves the car, but wants me to buy it from
> >
> >The A6 4.2 is still a little rich for my budget.
> >
> >Now I am reconsidering rebushing my V8 suspension and a couple other
> >improvements.   And yet another transmission fluid change.
> >
> >-Gene Caldwell
> >'90 V8
> >
> >
> >Jason Carey wrote:
> >
> >>Audifans,
> >>
> >>What is another (slightly newer) vehicle that has similar performance
> >>price qualities to the V8 models?
> >>
> >>I have loved my 90 V8 for the past 4 years and 60K miles. Safe and
> >>on the snowy highways of Colorado and luxury I could not otherwise
> >>However, it is my only vehicle and I fear at 150K it needs more and more
> >>attention and I have less and less time to shower on it.
> >>
> >>What is the next "find" as good as the V8?
> >>
> >>
> >>Thanks, Jason Carey
> >>PO Box 0981
> >>Grand Junction, CO
> >>970-389-5987
> >>RiverRestoration.org
> >>
> >>
> >>
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