[V8] Can the V8 be replaced? Comparable cars?

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 6 09:50:40 EDT 2005

Well, because of my new job I get to drive ALL of the new Audi's. The S4 is 
terrific!!!! That engine just sings, especially at 4-7000RPM's. I also like 
the 3.2 A4. Oh, and the 2.0T Q with a manual. The Older 4.2 A6 is a terrific 
car as well. I believe it to be the closest thing to the V8 in terms of 
"spiritual successor". The Jag X-type is pretty close as well. Check the 
reliability before buying. Two friends have had them, POS from their 

I wouldn't even consider any two wheel drive car comparable. They may be 
great cars, but nail the gas while accelerating around a corner from a 

I'd say just spend a couple of days driving some cars, and see if you thing 
any are comparable. Keep a couple of things in mind, though. This list is 
pretty savy on anything that could go wrong with the V8. The experience 
isn't out there yet for any of the newer cars. The V8 is fairly unique in 
it's driving experience. My V8 has over 300K, all original. Take good care 
of yours, don't be afraid to dump some money in it, and it will reward you. 
It's still cheaper than any new car's payments.

Also, a new car only feels "new" for about 2 months. After that, it's the 
same old car every day.

Oh, and get a cheap 4000 or t44 for a spare car. That's what I did.

Tony Hoffman
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>I think you hit the nail on the head with your maintenance comments.  As an
> older jeep owner who likes to take it off road and push it's limits, I 
> know
> the value of having the option of parking a vehicle and taking the 
> 'spare'.
> I don't have as much time for maintenance as I used to and it's nice to 
> have
> that option.  With the v8 here, we're a 3 vehicle house with 2 drivers I
> know I can always take my time with maintenance.  This proved quite handy
> this last weekend when I decided it was time to R&R the heater blower 
> motor
> (thanks to Chris Millers great writeup.)
> I for one love not having the $500 a month car payment + insurance costs,
> yet enjoy driving a car that feels like it does.  I can't compare it to 
> any
> late model Audis as I have never driven them, but I will be keeping this 
> car
> around for quite a long time.  (And if I keep reading this list daily, I 
> may
> give in to peer pressure someday and buy a 2nd haha)
> -John
> '90v8! 

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