[V8] V8Q Salvage Value?

Klein, Nathan P nathan.p.klein at lmco.com
Mon Jun 6 17:28:05 EDT 2005


This is my first posting.  I've been watching the V8 message boards
since mid-April when I committed to buy a pearl white 1990 V8Q, of which
I took delivery over the Memorial Day weekend (a little over a week
ago).  I've really enjoyed the information on this site.

This is my first Audi.  I've owned cars from all over the spectrum, but
never an Audi.  I purchased it from Way Up North, and drove it 17 hours
(almost) nonstop to Texas (V8Qs are few and far between here).  Didn't
think that I had much to worry about.

On the way home, the 'BRAKE' light would blink on and off while going
over bumpy surfaces, but I figured it to be a loose sensor wire.  The
day I got home, I lost the top radiator hose in front of my girlfriend's
dad's house, getting coolant all over their driveway and manicured lawn.
I also noticed smoking coming from the underside of the car, creating a
very pleasant aroma in the front yard (way to score points with the
dad!).  Over the succeeding 72 hours, I lost power assist to the brakes
and power assist for steering, which turned out to be the brake pressure
accumulator and the steering rack.  Thursday I lost the alternator
(losing your lights on the interstate at night is a heck of a thing!).
I think that was my first experience with the car's 'limp' mode.

I knew that the car needed a timing belt and tires when I purchased it,
and had the resources set aside to do this.  I hadn't planned on these
other components going awry immediately.

Since I'm in the middle of summer school and remodeling a house in my
"spare" time, I unfortunately don't have time to perform all needed
repairs in a reasonable timeframe.

The car is otherwise in pretty good shape.  Body is fairly straight,
save a few rust spots, interior is spotless, transmission shifts
smoothly, ride and drive is outstanding.  The car has meticulous service
records.  It feels better than my buddy's 420SEL going down the road.
Extremely comfortable.  Motor purrs.  No noises.

Was wondering what the consensus is as to how much I could get out of it
in the current mechanical condition?  I really don't have any idea.  I
know that if I had my tools and the time I could get it going, but I
unfortunately don't have either at the moment.  And I know my girlfriend
wouldn't like me spending weekends under the car for a while.  I am not
interested in parting the car.  I'd like it to go to a good home where
it will be repaired and enjoyed (and, I'd get a big fine for parting out
a car in my driveway).  Is there a 'floor' below which these cars won't
go unless thrashed?  Not being familiar with the depreciation curve of
these vehicles, any advice is greatly appreciated.

I may decide to keep it, but I'd sure like some advice from those that
have been around them for longer than myself.  Thanks in advance.


Nathan P Klein
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program
nathan.p.klein at lmco.com

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