[V8] FPR - easy way to tell it's faulty?

pdlord at talent.com.au pdlord at talent.com.au
Thu Jun 9 22:43:11 EDT 2005

My V8 is keeping me busy with trying to fix its problems and I'm hoping I have 
not compounded them. I know I should just sit tight until I have more time than 
a cold 1/2 hour in the carport a few times a week in the dark after work, but 
thought maybe you guys might have some clues to what's going on.

On removing the IC, (it's a RHD V8 not like the US V8, more like your 200T) 
there was a thin while computer board, a 'wafer' held in between contacts in 
the back of the IC. I pulled this out but I forgot I had the ignition in 
the 'on' position (I was jiggling the connecters at the time in the hope that 
it was a loose connection causing my 'no temp gauge' problem). So it made a 
buzzing, sound a lot like a short-circuit, so I quickly realised the ign was on 
and turned it off. I replaced the 'wafer' board back in the IC and it was fine -
 though I think this might be the trip computer connection as it was re-set to 
zero on all readouts. I lost my voltmeter and oil pressure gauges (together 
with my temp gauge that I was trying to fix) but this is probably not the same 

I decided while I was there that I may as well start the car, as it hadn't run 
for a week. The last time it was running I had done a 200 mile trip, which it 
did with no problems - really good performance and excellent fuel economy.

So I go to start it and it ran really rough (it had ALWAYS started smooth as 
silk before this) as if four plug wires were off or like an old carby car with 
too much choke. So I switched off straight away, then tried again and revved to 
about 1800 rpm a few times, which cleared it. It settled to an idle that wasn't 
as smooth as I remember but not too bad - not nearly as rough as on start-up. 
It was late so I left it. I tried again a few nights later and it did the same 

Now I'm worried it's the FPR and if I start it again it may be the last time, 
if it's leaking fuel into the cylinders. Aside from pulling codes, is there a 
way to check what's going on? BTW, exhaust smells really rich at idle and while 
I have disabled the 02 sensor (disconnected the black wire) it has been running 
great 'till now.

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