[V8] V8 maintenance questions

Miller, Chris chris.miller at infofoundry.com
Fri Jun 10 10:39:05 EDT 2005

1:  Auto transmission; mine has the dipstick.  What is a typical reading
on the dipstick when the transmission is off/cold?
Reason I ask is that I recently purchased the car, and don't want to
drive it hard to get it hot to see if it is overfilled; rather drain out
a little, then do the run it hard and test while hot, then refill to

So, where is the fluid reading when cold?

2:  Any tips on changing the outer CV boot?  Plan to loosen the outer
bolt, raise the corner, pull the inner cv bolts.  Can the half shaft
come out (driver's side) without removing the sway bar/ball joint etc.?
I have a boot kit coming.

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