[V8] update on the V8 (longish)

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
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Hey Dan, make sure the seat is coming out of a sport seat equiped car. There 
are three seat options. Comfort, Sport, and Conolly. The conolly have the up 
and down stripes. In this way they look unique.

The rear differs from sport to comfort in the "piping" on the edge of the 
seat. It is there on a comfort seat, but not on your sport rear seats. This 
matches the fronts. That is about the only difference between them that I 
know of.

Tony Hoffman

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> The insurance agent E-Mailed, saying that they have found a rear seat
> with headrests, that the dismantle says "is in great shape" however, I
> will have to call on Monday, to see what that means. If the seat is
> right, it will probably keep the car on the road, versus a total loss.
> However, I'm really curious how good a seat could be with headrests for
> $125.  I'm going to be really picky since the car had black Kodiak
> sport seats, and that's what I want when they are done. I'm really torn
> about weather to keep the car after its fixed (if they end up fixing
> it) or not. decisions.....Oh and thanks for the condolences, It
> actually made my day a little brighter, and to those that asked, yes
> this was the five speed (my brother still owns the converted sixxer if
> anybody remembers that car ...)
> So $6100 ACV minus some unknown salvage value = approx $4000 I guess
> they really are going to fix it. I'll keep you posted.
> -Dan
> down but not out) 

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