[V8] long day of maintenance and a question

Miller, Chris chris.miller at infofoundry.com
Sat Jun 11 19:25:07 EDT 2005

I've been saying for years, I've gotta stop working on my back on a
gravel driveway.  Not there yet; today it was gravel, grass and sand,
and lots of sun and humidity.

Pulled the swaybar.  End bushings (control arm) on both sides totally
gone.  Found a torn boot on the driver's side balljoint; put in a low
mileage one off the 200q20v parts car.

Changed the plugs.  Several of them were very tight!!  Changed the O2
sensor; the single wire one on there probably was dead.  Pulled the
lower air box; changed the rear breather hoses (with temporary heater
hose and fittings).  Top one I used mostly soft copper pipe.  Didn't get
to the front one yet.

Cleaned the ISV.  Added hose clamps and tightened the existing ones on
the bottom of the pentosin reservoir.  Think the banjo bolts are leaking
at the pump, but couldn't remove them without pulling the pump out.
Save that for when I'm doing the timing belt.  Did a bunch of cleaning.
Anyone have a spare undertray?  Mine has a tear, has a missing rubber
mount at the rear, and is missing the oil change door.

Pulled the driver's side outer CV joint, pulled it apart, cleaned it,
regreased it, replaced the boot.  More cleaning to get all the grease
from the torn boot.  Joint seemed in good shape.

Think I have an oil leak at the passenger side rear of the head, right
above the temp sensor; the cover seems to seep oil; probably the source
of the smoke.  Didn't swap out the temp sensor, but did clean the oil
off it and cleaned the elecrical connection.  Did all the connections
across the top and front of the engine, too.  Pulled the MAF; it looked
fine, nice and clean too.

Found some loose or disconnected mounts; tightened them up.  

Any idea on how to remove the front bolts mounting the seats?  My carpet
is a bit wet and it's not drying out, so I need to pull the seat and
lift the carpet.

Chris Miller
mailto:chris.miller at infofoundry.com
Bolton, MA 

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