[V8] Bottle of cold water on the sensor trick

Ingo Rautenberg irautenberg at comcast.net
Sun Jun 12 08:24:41 EDT 2005


Sorry, I was out at VOA Headquarters for the MIVE/dtw show.  Of course, the
only way I got there was with the cold water trick (and back, btw).
Basically, you take a 20 oz. soda bottle and fill it with tap water (having
rinsed it before, of course).

Then you pour the water just to the left of the driver's side distributor
(may need to remove the intake bellows -- mine is off for the time being).
Can't see the sensor, but the only thing down there is the OXS plug and the
two refernce sensors.

In my case, the car would just stall after 30-60 seconds, would restart, but
not keep running.  So I refer to it as my engine defibrolator ;-).  Once
it's running after being cooled down, it's fine until the engine has been
switched off again.  Drove it that way for 50 miles yesterday.  And even
though I goit here late, I still managed 2nd place in the 200/5000/V8 class


Ingo (mit sensor on order)

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> Ingo mentioned the bottle of cold water on the sensor trick.  Could
> (Ingo?) please explain how this works and how to do it?
> Thanks,
> Brad
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