[V8] long day of maintenance and a question

Dave Head v8q at bellsouth.net
Sun Jun 12 10:08:56 EDT 2005

The plastic trim cover has to be removed - started in '92. I remember 
doing a writeup when I put the S6 seats in my 92 V8. There is a plastic 
block zip-tied into the rail to keep the seat from overtraveling to - as 
I recall, it has to be removed also to remove the seat. Other than that, 
its no different than any other type 44.

Miller, Chris wrote:

>Sounds just like the 200, except that the V8 seat rails extend over the
>top of the bolts.   I've got to pull off the plastic cover on the end of
>each seat rail; but it still looks like the metal covers the top of the
>bolts.  Connolly seats, if that matters, '93 V8. 
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>Subject: [V8] long day of maintenance and a question
>Any idea on how to remove the front bolts mounting the seats?  My carpet
>is a bit wet and it's not drying out, so I need to pull the seat and
>lift the carpet.
>Easy. There are two on each seat. 13mm heads. Move the seat all the way
>back. You should see one on each side of the front. Unscrew and slide
>the seat back a bit. Then, tip it up some to get to the electrical
>There are three or four. Then, slide it out the rest of the way.
>Tony Hoffman 
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