[V8] Bothered by Bose

aukdav aukdav at mail.ccsdana.net
Tue Jun 14 09:49:20 EDT 2005

Just gutted my Bose over the winter.  To get power to the deck, you will need to have a voltmeter handy to find the constant power source from the factory radio harness.  Once found, you can tap into that with a spade connector and not have to cut the harness to get to the wire.

As to the wiring of the speakers, you will need to route new wiring all around, as the Bose drivers have the amplifier and cross over network piggy-backed at the driver.  That is the little black box you see.  I found the easiest way of running new wiring was to get a long section of 1/8" rubber coated cable (dog-run type) and use it to push through the door loom and then tap a new speaker cable to the other end and pull back through.  The rear speakers are much easier as the edges of the carpet can be raised enough to run the wiring.

Good luck.


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From: Weights187 at aol.com
Date:  Tue, 14 Jun 2005 04:03:07 EDT

>I tried to install a new cd deck and some 6x9's but the bose wiring has me 
>lost.  Best buy said something about how the factory bose amp needs to be wired 
>around?  I seemed to have it all hooked up right but I can't get power to the 
>deck. one more 100$ headache. Any suggestions?
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