[V8] Bothered by Bose

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>I've used the contact on the ignition switch that is active whenever
>there's a key in the lock cylinder to serve as the "ACC" switch.  You
>can always insert some other key in the lock if you don't want the
>people listening to the radio to be able to start the car.

I usually find this power source at the fuse block. Just get out a test 
light (or meter) and start checking the open positions. On the older 4000's, 
it was power to the buzzer relay. However, that is in the instrument cluster 
on the V8's. After looking at the wiring schematics for the V8, it appears 
the wire is red, .5mm, and runs straight to the instrument cluster. If I was 
using this wire as a source, I'd probably simply use it to switch a relay, 
as the circuit is not designed with much current in mind. (This sounds like 
your problem, John)

Also, don't forget about the speaker relay. It still needs to be energized. 
The white wire going to it needs 12V. It runs from the factory radio. There 
are three white wires back there. Two together, and one seperate. The two 
together are the ones you are looking for. One of these powers the speaker 
relay. You can seperate them and use an ohm meter to look for the right one.

>If you are installing a high power deck you might want to consider
>adding new power/ground lines from the battery to the deck (fused of

Fused at the battery end (of course)

Also, you didn't say how you tried to hook up the new 6X9's. As Dave said, 
you should have new wires from the deck to the drivers for any speakers you 
don't intend to run as factory.

Tony Hoffman 

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